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Residential Renovation and Property Stewardship: The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

before and after Atlanta home renovation

Many of our clients consider their homes to be a work in progress that they nurture and prune over the years — much like a beloved garden — which allows their properties to evolve as their lives do.

Often, the evolution of a family’s home takes place over many years and several strategic improvements. Working with our clients on multiple projects (and sometimes multiple homes) is a particular joy for our Studio Jones team.

Meet “Mr. and Mrs. R.”

When we think about beautiful gardens and homes that evolve, our clients — we’ll call them Mr. and Mrs. R. from Atlanta — immediately come to mind.

The R. family has a to-die-for property that they lovingly care for. Over the years, we collaborated with them to make their already beautiful home more conducive to how they wanted to live.

We worked with the R. family on several projects, including the addition of a light-filled, two-cook kitchen to accommodate the couple and an east-facing breakfast conservatory situated over a garden court.

kitchen renovation in Atlanta

A large kitchen gives two avid cooks ample room to move around.

breakfast nook add-on

In this airy and beautiful breakfast conservatory, conversations can last for hours.

family room renovation

The family room opens up to the backyard, making it easy for the family and their guests to enjoy both spaces.

Goals for an Expansive Porch Addition

Most recently, the R. family wanted their home to be more connected to their large backyard and garden areas, and they, once again, enlisted our residential architecture and construction management services to create an expansive, amenity-filled porch.

Our goals with the porch addition were to:

  1. Provide a direct indoor/outdoor connection between the family room and the garden.

  2. Improve the last place on the property that needed some design love.

  3. Create an outdoor room to be in the garden in the summer and in-between seasons.

The family was excited about this project because of its opportunity to improve upon a mature site and connect the view from the family room windows to the porch and garden areas.

Our team designed the porch to feel like the center observation point of the garden, and we used a solid masonry plinth (structural base) to visually anchor the back of the home to the ground site.

Photo Round-up from Jones Pierce Studios Project

It’s been a true pleasure for our team to work with Mr. and Mrs. R. over the years. This latest addition focuses on their long-term needs for the home and reflects the evolution of their lifestyle over the years. We truly enjoy keeping the R. family happy and in-love with their gracious home.

Porch addition's "before" view

This “before” view is from the vantage point of the family’s backyard pool.

porch addition's "after"view

This “after” view shows the porch addition and the painted brick masonry that connects the home to the yard and garden areas.

porch incorporated into gardens and backyard

We incorporated the new porch into the existing garden design.

oversized steps make a big statement

The oversized, monumental steps create an in-scale entrance to the garden and a plinth for the home.

back porch with amazing view

Several aspects to take note of here: For multi-season use, the homeowners chose flush-mounted gas heaters. We added skylights to brighten the porch’s light into the family room. The R. family sourced a fire pit table with a top for warm-season use. The porch floor is bluestone in an ashler pattern.

porch timbers frame the view of the backyard

The porch’s structure is a timber-framed design with decorative bracketing and arches to frame the garden view.

porch life is for our furry friends, too

Porch life is for pups, too.

beautiful backyard photo montage

Everywhere you look on this well-cared-for property, you’ll see a well-considered garden, growing and gorgeous.

Clients Choose Jones Pierce, Again and Again

We love working on new projects with long-time clients, like Mr. and Mrs. R., transforming homes over the years to fit new wants and needs. Sometimes, a home we’re connected to is sold to a new buyer who reaches out to us — thanks to a nice referral from the previous owner — and it’s fun to revisit and revise our design to make it work for the new family’s lifestyle.

If this project whetted your appetite for a considered masterplan for your property you can implement over time, call 404.446.3881 or email us to set up a consultation to evaluate the design and construction potential.

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