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Refresh and Rebrand: An Adaptive Reuse Story

When most people think about rebranding, they think about product marketing. They certainly do not think about architecture. But why not? Rebranding is more than just corporate colors. It is:

  1. The perception of the firm or company; aka its personality.

  2. What experience do you want your customers to have when they walk in?

  3. How do your employees want to work?

  4. What environment do your customers and employees expect?

Your business environment heavily impacts the employee and customer experience. To create a positive experience, designed spaces should be functional with a timeless edge. The first step to rebranding is understanding where the organization is. Meaning you really listen to the desires how it wants to be perceived.

Find Your Vibe

We found the vibe for the owners of Express Lanes. The exterior and interior spaces needed more than a little “refresh.” We started with a drab cinder block exterior and dated cedar shake covered Sugar Daddy’s lounge.

The original exterior consisted of gray cinder block walls and a single magenta canopy to mark the entrance.

Original Exterior of Express Lanes and Sugar Daddy’s

Originally built in the 1960’s, when bowling was hot, the design industry was focused on the future and on the space race. After exploring mid-century, stylistic designs, we created a retro image from signage to architecture. However, the design was not stuck in the past. We created a new name and vintage looking signage with a modern spin on mid-century themes. And, the supporting architecture created a place to have fun, relax with friends, and leave your worries at the door.

Rebranded building design is more attention-catching, with a retro style and brighter colors. Jones Pierce Studios

Rebranded Design of Midtown Bowl

Midtown Bowl Rebrand Jones Pierce Studios

What About Coffee?

We did a similar thing for a coffee shop rebrand. The building had an overbearing, identifiable canopy from a previous business. This canopy hid the entrance of the building, making customers confused. After removing the canopy and redesigning the front facade, more daylight entered the shop, leading to increased business.

Aurora Coffee's previous design included a large canopy that hid the entrance to the building.

Aurora Coffee Before

The rebrand of Aurora Coffee removed the canopy, bringing more light into the building. Jones Pierce Studios

Aurora Coffee After

Can’t Forget Technology

Another situation we encountered was how to rebrand old office buildings to attract new, technology-oriented tenants. Again, through exterior paint schemes, new building signage, and refreshed interior common areas, the buildings gained new life.

The previous building was overgrown with trees and shrubs.

Previous Building

Powers Ferry Landing Rebrand Jones Pierce Studios

Rebranded Building Design

Powers Ferry Landing Rebrand Jones Pierce Studios

Powers Ferry Landing Rebrand Jones Pierce Studios

Architectural branding sets the tone for the people interacting with it. Make it work for you, your employees and your customers!

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