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Enjoy the Journey (#10 of 10 Principles)

Is it possible to enjoy the journey?  We’ve all heard the horror stories—budget over runs, delays due to poor planning, small details ignored during design becoming emergency decisions during construction, etc. This part can be very stressful and not a lot of fun.

Yet, the journey of creating a new space or transforming an old space could, and should be, enjoyable. The journey should center around you, and all of your expectations should be addressed early in the process—from the hard expectations around budget to the soft expectations around design.

The journey should be pleasurable if not exciting; it should deliver what you envisioned and more.

Person sitting poolside with dog, enjoying sunny weather.

5 Ways to Enjoy the Journey:

1. Listen

“[We] chose Jones Pierce because they carefully listed to our concerns and immediately came up with creative solutions and ideas…Construction can be stressful but working with Jones Pierce was a pleasure throughout.” –Cynthia W.

“Angel has an exquisite eye for design and as I said, one of Dana’s and my great pleasures during the experience was to see Bryan and Angel bounce ideas off of each other.” –Ryan S.

2. Handle Challenges

“[The team] was a class act. They were innovative and always professional. We wanted a modern lake house that was easy to care for. Their team was full of ideas on how to handle the challenges.” –Victoria T.

3. Minimize Surprises

“Working with Jones Pierce, we were able to align our improvements with what we wanted to spend. Not only that, Jones Pierce was able to interpret and deliver our goals beyond the expectations we thought possible for our existing home.” –Victoria R.

4. Focus on the Details

“[Jones Pierce] paid such attention to detail and listened so well that [they] created something beyond our expectations. (He even drew tables in the event we had one our daughter’s weddings in the yard!)” –Laurie B.

5. Bring a Team With You

“I have used Jones Pierce Studios for four projects over the past 20 years. The latest was a full exterior renovation “face lift” for a two-story, five-bedroom house in Midtown Atlanta (Ansley Park). Bryan and his team transformed a tired-looking and poorly-renovated façade into a very attractive, authentic Craftsman home.” –Ben P.

Let’s have some fun!

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