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Lanier Enclave Front House Progress

Here are the latest construction photos from a Lanier Enclave’s Front House. This is a custom home with Prairie style influences located in Virgina Highlands.

This is the 3rd and final home in the infill development known as Lanier Enclave, located on Lanier Blvd. This home and the two completed are being built by Abraham Properties.

Lanier Enclave Front House Construction

Sheathing is complete, and windows have been installed all throughout the house.

Lanier Enclave Front House Construction

Here is a view on the back porch, looking in towards the house.

Lanier Enclave Front House Construction

On the front porch, most of the windows have been installed. The roofs and cantilevers are framed.

Second Floor

On the second floor, windows have been installed. Next step is insulation and drywall!

Stair Tower

A taller window brings light into the stair tower.

Lanier Enclave front house Front Door

Stay tuned to see the front door!

First Floor

Next step on the interior is insulation, then dry wall.

Living Room

Fireplace is being installed in the living room.

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