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Meet Our Summer Intern Lizzy

Updated: Feb 21

Our intern, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Johnson, is more than halfway through her stint working in our Commercial studio. It’s been great having her here this summer.

Lizzy is a fifth-year architecture student at Kennesaw State University and an active volunteer for Georgia nonprofits, like Atlanta’s Habitat for Humanity. (If you know us well, you know we also have a heart for nonprofits.)

Jones Pierce Architects' intern Lizzy Johnson

Working at Jones Pierce Architects, Lizzy is getting a broad amount of experience. Here are some of the things on her “what I learned this summer” list:

  • Helping out at job sites, including assessing the extent of water damage and learning waterproofing details for remediation work we’re doing.

  • Gaining invaluable hands-on experience seeing how building systems can fail — then learning how to better detail to prevent those failures.

  • Producing construction drawings.

  • Assisting in preparing Special Administrative Permit (SAP) documents that include life safety assessments of projects.

  • Generating various calculations needed for zoning, planning and building department criteria.

  • Helping with our marketing efforts to compile projects and relevant information for a new website that’s in the works.

  • Assisting with materials we will submit for an awards competition.

Thanks for all you’re doing this summer, Lizzy, and the enthusiasm you bring to your work!

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