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Meet Alex Hays, Our New Project Manager

Updated: Jan 25

Atlanta-based commercial architect Alex Hays

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Alex Hays developed his unique sense of design by taking inspiration from the New York borough’s eclectic community and architecture.

As a contextual designer now based in Atlanta, Alex’s early years inspired him to elevate the environment by building upon the urban fabric and its community.

Alex joined Jones Pierce Architects in March 2022. His focus is commercial design where he utilizes his vast experience in multifamily units to the work we do for clients. Alex is looking at new projects as opportunities to break the wave of sameness we see in the aesthetics of new residential construction. He says, “We can do better by creating a desirable product in function and aesthetic while garnering a community and sense of ownership.

“Environmental control concepts, like water recollection, can be a compelling design element  and functional if done appropriately.” – Alex Hays, Jones Pierce Architects

Repurposing industrial structures and honoring what was historically present is something Alex feels passionate about, too. “I love working with concepts that repurpose and celebrate industrial Atlanta,” he says. And while Atlanta has had a controversial history of demolishing its past architectural styles, Alex sees opportunities in the future and is well-positioned to take a different approach with the design work he does for Jones Pierce Architects.

While studying at Auburn’s Rural Studio, Alex focused on our profession’s social responsibilities that pair with creating well-constructed and inspirational buildings. Today, this focus remains a part of Alex’s distinctive vision. “Simple environmental controls make a meaningful difference in the long term. Concepts like water recollection can be a compelling design element — and functional — if done appropriately,” Alex says.

For the short term, Alex points to a design product’s material and carbon footprint. Alex says, “Optimizing and investing in better MEP engineering systems can provide huge gains for offsetting environmental issues in the short and long term.”


We’re so glad Alex joined the team, bringing his energy and expertise to Jones Pierce Architects!

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