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Lanier Middle House Construction Update 8/29

Here are the latest interior construction progress photos from our project, Lanier Enclave Middle House. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of September.

The home is being built by Abraham Properties and is for sale here.

Lanier Enclave middle home exterior complete

The exterior of Lanier Middle House is complete, shifting all focus to the interior. Take note of the window design detail!

Lanier enclave middle home interior

On the interior, all trim-work and built-in shelving is complete. This construction crew is doing a great job paying attention to detail!

Lanier Enclave Middle Home detail

The window detail design appears again in a lighting detail design.

Arched front door

Lighting, air vents, and switches are all installed.

Door detail

In addition to interior lighting and exterior windows, this design detail is on interior doors.


The Lanier Middle House kitchen is nearly complete! Cabinets, appliances, and the built-in bench are all in. The kichen is still waiting on counter-tops.

Living room

In the living room, masonry around the fireplace is complete, along with trim work, windows, and shelving.


Tile work is complete in this bathroom, and most of the fixtures have been installed.

Master bathroom

The Master Bathroom is still waiting on mirrors and counter-tops.

Lanier Enclave Middle house Back porch

The back porch is complete.

Check out final images of the Lanier Enclave Middle House:

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