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Lanier Middle House Construction Update 7/27

Lanier Enclave Middle House is the second of three custom prairie homes off Lanier Boulevard in Virginia Highlands. All three homes are built by Abraham Properties and designed by Jones Pierce Studios and pass LEED For Home standards.

The exterior is complete, and drywall is complete on the interior. Now, focus is on interior trim and cabinets. Check out these images below of the project.

Lanier Middle House Construction

The exterior is complete and looks great.

Lanier Middle House Construction

Trimwork is nearly complete on the interior. Electric work is in progress.

Lanier Middle House Construction

Trimwork is complete in the kitchen. Cabinet installation has begun.


Masonry around the fireplace is complete.Cabinet installation has begun.

front door

The arched front door and windows look great!

Check out the next construction update:

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