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Lanier Middle House Construction Update 5/19

Here are some construction progress images of the Middle House located at 1139 Lanier Boulevard. The house part of a three-home infill development called Lanier Enclave. All three homes are being built by Joe Laster with Abraham Properties.  Construction is moving along and the brickwork is almost complete. This house meets LEED-For-Homes certification, just as the Creek House did.

We must give some credit to the contractor and his mason’s doing such a great job on the brick and paying close attention to the details.

Lanier Enclave Middle house construction

Windows are in, and brickwork is almost complete on the exterior.

Lanier Enclave Middle House Construction

The mason is doing a great job with the brick work!

Lanier Enclave Middle House Interior

On the interior, framework is complete. The next step is insulation, then drywall.

Lanier Enclave Middle House Construction

Construction of the brick arch over the Middle House front door is complete.

Lanier Enclave Middle House interior

Interior framework looks great! This hallway will serve as an axis for the home.


Electricity and mechanics are underway.

Lanier Enclave Middle House Back Porch

Framing is almost complete on the back porch. The large overhangs are a key style for all three of these homes.

Check out the next Middle House Construction Update:

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