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Information sharing (#9 of 10 Principles)

We like to integrate project management technology with the project process for our clients. This way they can be aware of what is going on, feel included, and communicate on their time.  We create our work around the concept of information sharing. This helps us to avoid common miscommunications when building custom residential architecture.

You have a computer in your pocket, let’s use it to build stuff

Some typical information sharing issues that we run into include:

  1. Where can I view the drawings for review?

  2. When did they send the drawings to me?

  3. Where can I find a copy of the current drawings?

  4. Where are we in the schedule?

  5. How much have we paid?

  6. How do I approve this?

  7. What is a secure way to pay?

Overall, we believe that managing all information for a project in one place with open access for the entire team is the best policy. A client should be able to retrieve current drawings on their schedule. Additionally, decision results should be recorded in one place. These results should be available to everyone included within one day.

Our structures team, Jones Pierce Structures utilizes a construction management software platform that makes this possible. This way our clients can review the project schedule, budget, project logs, choose specifications, and make payments in one place on their laptop or any other mobile device.

This same platform is available to subcontractors, engineers, interior designers, and distributors. Therefore, communication and sharing can happen instantly and simultaneously.

Integrating project management technology with the project process keeps clients aware of what is going on, included, and communicative.  

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