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Brookhaven Residence Images

This residence is a Southern Colonial themed home created with a unique thought process. The house sits on a 2-lot site overlooking the Brookhaven Country Club. Our clients wished foremost to capture a bit of their native Louisiana. Therefore, after a year-long planning process, the result is a home that projects the timeless authenticity of deep south architecture. However, it still incorporates the most up-to-the-minute sustainable building technology in an unobtrusive way. The key to this was the writing of “The Story of the House.”

Check out images of the project below:

Brookhaven Residence by Jones Pierce Studios

Brookhaven Residence

Brookhaven front porch

A large front porch captures the Louisiana-style the clients wanted.

Brookhaven side porch

On the side of the home is a more private porch.

Brookhaven Back Patio Jones Pierce Studios Residential Architecture

A large private back patio is perfect for relaxing or entertaining.

Brookhaven Dining Room by Jones Pierce Studios

Wallpaper and paneling help to personalized this dining room.


The main entrance to the home is into a bright welcoming foyer.

Brookhaven Hallway by Jones Pierce Studios. Residential Architecture

Details such as lighting, doors, and trim-work give this home an old southern feel.

Kitchen by Jones Pierce Studios. Residential Architecture

The kitchen features exposed wood beams and interior masonry on the walls and floors.

Kitchen by Jones Pierce Studios

Lighter-toned cabinets and natural light help brighten the kitchen.

Mudroom. Jones Pierce Studios. Residential Architecture

A mudroom off the back of the house contains storage lockers, keeping the house less cluttered.

Photographs by Lee Grider photography.

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