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Brookhaven Custom Home Progress

The construction is taking off on a custom home we designed in Brookhaven, off Lanier Drive. The exterior is almost complete, with only the front porch columns left to install. Trim has now begun on the interior.

Seven years ago, we designed this house for a different lot but never built it. In 2011, after purchasing a new property, the client came back to us to help adapt the original design. We then got busy, tweaking the plans and elevations as needed for the new lot. The 2-story house is modest from the street with a lower roof line, similar to a large 1-1/2 story home.

Brookhaven Custom Home Construction Photos:

Brookhaven Custom Home front exterior

The exterior is almost complete. Front porch columns will be installed soon.

Garage Window Detail

The details on the exterior look great!

Window detail Jones Pierce

Exterior materials are finished.

Brookhaven Custom Home Exterior Double Porch

Framing and Masonry are complete on the double back porch.

Interior Beams

The interior beams and trim is complete and looks great!

Brookhaven Custom Home Fireplace Jones Pierce

Masonry around the fireplace is complete.

Brookhaven Custom Home Windows and Floor

Windows and flooring are complete.

Brookhaven Custom Home View Off Balcony

Finish materials are going in on the second story balcony.

These clients love their Brookhaven Custom Home!

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