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Atlanta “Not So Big house” Almost Complete

One of our most efficient homes we’ve designed yet, this custom home in Brookhaven, was designed with “Not So Big House” strategies. The lot for the Atlanta Not So Big House is in a changing neighborhood. This neighborhood has been replacing smaller dilapidated homes with several new homes, either built or currently under construction. Our concept for the  southern colonial vernacular home was to position it on this prominent corner lot to look as if it had been there for decades and it was the original home the neighborhood was built around. With a limited budget, we put focus on the details on a large south facing front porch that doubles as the entry and an exterior public space that opens off the family room.

Atlanta Not So Big House

Construction is almost complete on this home. A few small finished touches and it will be move in ready. Check out the latest construction photos:

Not So Big House Exterior

View of House When Driving By

Not So Big House Backside

View of House When Approach in Opposite Direction

Double Porch with Chimney

Entrance to the House- Double Porch with Chimney

Spacious Front Porch

Spacious Front Porch

Not So Big House Bathtub

Bathtub becomes Bench for Shower

Not So Big House Kitchen

Kitchen Nearly Complete

Not So Big House Open Concept Living Room with Plenty of Views Outside

Open Concept Living Room with Plenty of Views Outside

Green Walls

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