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Virginia Highlands Bungalow Expansion

Is there room for more?

We currently have a client, a young couple, who lives in a Virginia Highlands bungalow. They love their home and would never want to leave it. However, with a baby on the way, the home will soon be too small for the family. With the assistance of CORE Landscape Architects, we are helping this couple expand their Virginia Highlands home to make room for a family, while keeping the charm and character of the original bungalow.

Expanding the Bungalow

The lot that the bungalow sits on has a very steep yard. This presented a challenge to create a welcoming entry and yard space, without massive retaining walls at the street. Grading the steep backyard and adding a new screened porch onto the rear allowed opportunity for a better connection from the home to the deep backyard. By building a second level with a taller roof line, we are creating space for two kids bedrooms, a shared bath, and a playroom. For the parents, we are adding a new master suite on the second level. This doubles the size of the home without having to lose it’s bungalow character.

Elevations of the bungalow show new second level and raised roof line.

The renovation to the bungalow adds a second story and raises the roof line.

CORE Landscape integrated steps into the front door with the front yard concept.

Front Yard Concept

CORE Landscape developed a large patio and trail for the backyard.

Back Yard Concept

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