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Retirement Home for Aging in Place – The Olansky Residence

Olansky Residence. Retirement Home. Mountain Home. Jones Pierce Studios Residential Architecture

The Olansky Residence

The Olansky Residence is a retirement, mountain home. It is specifically designed on a single level for aging in place. This couple bought their property adjacent to a farm so they could enjoy the views of surrounding mountains. The orientation of the house captures these views of the mountains, while also taking advantage of the sun.

Passive Solar Design

Downsized Home. Vast windows to take in the surrounding views. Jones Pierce Studios

Vast windows to take in the surround views

The client’s desire for “lots of daylight” in their retirement home led to the passive solar design. Passive solar design includes a large overhanging roof, with the lower part of the roof on the south and west facing porches. The lower porch roofs shade the house from high summer sun, but allows the lower winter sun to penetrate the sheltered windows, warming the house.

Downsized Home. Wide brimmed roof to take advantage of sun light

Wide brimmed roof to take advantage of sun light

 Bedroom facing east to capture early morning sun

Bedroom facing east to capture morning sun

The placement of the master bedroom captures morning light from the east. The house has features, such as pocket doors, to reduce clutter and not waste space.

Open Concept

Along the north side is the functional service spine. Keeping all the service spaces on the same circulation path is great for a retirement home and aging in place. Starting on the west end of the service spine, there is a laundry and pet wash area. The spine is adorned by the central kitchen with views to a small rear yard for their dogs and opens to living areas and surrounding views. On the east end, a pantry connects to the backdoor entry from the carport.

Jones Pierce Studios Retirement Mountain Home Olansky Residence

Open Concept Kitchen, Dining, and Living Room

Living Room Jones Pierce Studios

Living room with Built-In Storage and Stone Fireplace

Jones Pierce Studios Residential Architecture. Kitchen Retirement Mountain Home

Open Concept Kitchen with Views All Around

The Barn

Away from the house, across the pasture sits a barn with a tin red roof and traditional barn doors. The barn allows the owners to house and take care of their chickens and their goat, which they have on their property.

Olansky Residence Barn Jones Pierce


Jones Pierce Studios Residential Architecture. Retirement Mountain Home

Olansky Residence at Night

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