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Monastic Heritage Center Update 12/8

Monastic Heritage Center

For this project update, we would like to focus on the Monastic Center at the Monastic Heritage Center Campus. Together with the Historic Barn, this building will house the main exhibits and galleries, giving visitors a comprehensive history of Monasticism and of the local Monastery and its founders.

About the Exhibit

Exhibits designed by Malone Design/Fabrication will first take visitors on a journey through the Monastic Center  and will introduce them to the history of Monasticism. After flowing through the display areas, guests will then travel outside and view the Bonsai Garden. There they can learn about the Bonsai industry and be able to view the Monastery’s treasured personal collection of trees, some nearly 50 years old. Next, guests will travel into the restored Historic Barn, where additional displays will show the history of this Conyers Monastery with images of the founding members who first lived inside of the barn when they purchased the property.


The following are construction progress images of the building with conceptual renderings of the finished spaces.

Rendering of Monastic Heritage Center
Monastic Heritage Center construction

Conceptual view and construction view of the Historic Barn and Monastic Center as of 12/08/2010.

Entry to Monastic Center
Entry to Monastic Center

View of the entry into the Monastic Center and the Bonsia Garden next to the building.

Rendering of Bonsai Garden at Monastic Heritage Center
Monastic Heritage Center Construction

Conceptual view of the Bonsai Garden with the Monastic Center to the left. Construction photo of the building and location of the garden.

wood beams
wood beams
wood beams

The monks wanted a simplistic design that expressed the beauty of the structure and materials similar to the Concrete Monastery they themselves built. Here we chose to expose and show off the Concrete and steel columns, wood beams, and wood roof decking.

Rendering of Monastic Center
Monastic Center Construction
Rendering of Monastic Center

Views inside the Monastic Center of the Display areas with the beautiful wood structure left exposed.

To learn more about the Monastic Heritage Center and how you can help contribute to the project, please visit

Check out the next construction update:

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