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Mid-Century Modern Ranch in Ansley Park

Ansley Park Ranch Home – Before


Before image of the Ansley Park Ranch

The floor plan of 1960’s ranch was chopped up into several small rooms with no connectivity between the spaces. The existing living room, kitchen, dining room, and family room were all individual rooms with low ceilings, adding to their cramped feeling. The new owner wanted to connect these spaces and introduce more of a mid-century modern feel to the home.

Mid-Century Modern Renovation

Ansley Park Mid Century modern Jones Pierce Studios Residential Architecture

After Image of the Ansley Park Ranch Home

We started the design by opening up the center spine wall, a common element to a ranch home. Next, we introduced large beams that took the place of a load bearing wall, allowing for 3-4 small rooms to become a single open-concept living area. The open feel of the space made the lower ceilings less noticeable. Also, removing any cased openings contributed to the large open feel.

Ansley Park Mid Century Modern living

New Open-Concept Living Space

The next big move to make this ranch home mid century modern was to cut a section out of the first level floor. This opening allowed for a double height family room on the terrace level below. This room originally was an extra office. Since the new owner didn’t need an office, we took advantage by giving the space to the terrace level. Now the open first floor overlooks the double height space below and creates a tall 2 level window wall, bringing an abundance of daylight into the entire house.

Ansley Park Mid Century Modern Interior

First Floor Living Space looking down to the Terrace Level

Ansley park mid century modern interior. Jones Pierce Studios Residential Architecture.

Double Height Living Space on Terrace Level

Additionally, a new clean kitchen and master bath adds to the mid-century modern feel of the interiors. Finally, A vaulted master bedroom helps turn an average size room into a large spacious volume for the new owners.

Ansley Park Mid Century Modern Kitchen. Jones Pierce Studios

New Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

Master Bathroom

French Doors in Living Room

Jones Pierce Studios Residential Architecture. Back Porch

Back of House with Large Back Porch

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