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Emory Backyard Escape – Form and Function – The Rest of the Story

Yesterday, I posted about the functional features of an outdoor space to create a backyard escape. Today’s post is about how to make an outdoor space livable and most importantly fun.

Heat and Cool Your Outdoor Space

So, how do you heat and cool a great indoor/ outdoor space? Better yet, how do you best heat and cool ANY space? Without a doubt- it is with Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology. Why does the rest of the world use VRF tech? Because of its relatively low energy costs. How is VRF tech better? It uses considerably less energy while providing a temperate environment. It does so without trunk lines and ducts, and duct loss. But, but, but…that thing hanging on the wall! Yes, it is typically on the wall. The next time you are in Europe, Asia, Mid East, Central and South America, look around. My favorite manufacturer is without a doubt Mitsubishi, the unequivocal VRF technology leader. And if you really don’t like the unit on the wall, Mitsubishi has several other options to fit your taste.

Pizza Anyone?

So, is it time to choose a pizza oven? Do people really want a pizza oven in their outdoor space? Yes to both. We have three clients incorporating pizza ovens into their projects. So, we researched and picked a favorite, which is the best in class, Italian designed, manufactured in America, Marri Forni. It offers an integrated rotating deck, touchscreen controls, integrated ventilation, and push out 84,000 BTUs; because sometimes 30 minutes is just way too long to wait for pizza. And what do you do when you are cooking at 84,000 BTU’s in an enclosed space? First you make sure to go with a unit with integrated ventilation, then you add supplemental mechanical ventilation to introduce make-up air just in case. You are going to want to create positive pressure in the space, we did so with a manually operated 80 cfm fan along with a CO detector just in case.

Pool Performance

Want your pool to perform as good as it looks? Don’t forget to include a variable speed pool pump. Per pump manufacturer Jandy, a single speed pump will cost you, on average, $3.71 a day. Variable speed will cost you $.79 a day. As a former implementer of SoCal energy efficiency programs, I know this to be the case. This is one mistake you’ll pay dearly for every monthly.

Have any questions or comments? Please reach out.

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