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Big Canoe Renovation Begun

A few progress photos from our Big Canoe project currently under construction. Lots of big changes are taking place, including a new heavy timber entry porch and a new 2 story heavy timber rear porch. Additionally, we are doing significant interior renovation and adding new larger windows.

These photos help show existing conditions of Big Canoe Project with construction progress photos.

Tearing out an old greenhouse on a floor level in between the first and basement floors and bring up the floor level to create a new upper level porch as well as a terrace level porch below. 2 floors for 1.

The interior has lots of small windows with vertical separations. We are taking the old out, and adding windows twice as wide and about 18″ taller to create larger expanses of glass to take advantage of the view.

A room with one of the best views in the house didn’t have a single window. We are blowing out the walls and adding huge 8’x6′ windows facing the view. This room will be a sitting area off the terrace level master.

The existing master was small and had small windows. We took out the wall to the right, and opening up the corner to the view with huge windows.

Another shot of the existing small windows and the new rough openings of the bigger, larger, better windows.

The terrace level had non-usable outdoor space thanks to an old green house with a floor system halfway between the 2 floors. We are knocking that out, the walls to the left and adding a lower level porch. The wall to the right will open up with large windows in a sitting area off the terrace level master.

All this work to open up the interior, to make bigger windows, and to add more porches, is because of this incredible view.

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