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1139 Lanier Completed Images

Construction is complete on 1139 Lanier Blvd! This is the second house at Lanier Enclave, also referred to as “Middle House.” Lanier Enclave is a development in Virginia Highlands containing 3 prairie-themed custom homes. All three homes are built by Abraham Properties. This home is currently for sale through Palmer House Properties.

Check out these images of the Middle House:

1139 Lanier Bvld

This home sits right in between the other two Lanier homes.

1139 Lanier Blvd

The front yard includes a carport and an exterior fireplace with gathering area. Tucked under a brick arch is the entrance to the home.

The pattern on the front windows continue to the interior of the house.

This unique pattern detail is found on interior lights and doors, in addition to exterior windows.

Kitchen at 1139 Lanier Blvd

The spacious kitchen is centrally located and open to the rest of the home.

Living Room

Extending off the kitchen is the living room. The cozy living room includes a stone fireplace and built-in storage.

Upstairs axis

Like the other Lanier homes, 1139 Lanier Blvd contains a central axis that runs front to back in the home.

Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom is located off the back of the home but contains the same window detail from the front of the home.

Master Bathroom

Lastly, the master bathroom contains plenty of custom details.

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