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Natalia Chavez

Job Title

Passionate about fusing creativity, functionality, and sustainability in architectural spaces, Natalia brings a blend of 9 years in customer service and 2 years in residential design to the Jones Pierce team. Her expertise includes assisting in the design of over 80 single-family custom homes in metro Atlanta. Natalia holds a Sustainable Architecture Certificate from the Georgia Institute of Technology, empowering her to design and evaluate building systems for efficiency. With a versatile skill set in 2D/3D design and rendering tools, she seamlessly navigates various design platforms. Beyond her professional endeavors, Natalia actively engages with her community. She serves as a high-school mentor for the Hispanic Organization Promoting Education, supporting Latinx students in achieving higher graduation rates and providing resources for further education.

Job Title

Education: Georgia Institute of Technology
Joined Jones Pierce: 2023

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