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Michelle Everett

Job Title

Michelle Everett is an eager and inventive young architect. She is also artistic, passionate and dedicated to delivering high quality design solutions that enhance either the lifestyle or workstyle of her client. She enjoys working with structure, studying building innovation and expressing her creatively instinct through the practice of architecture. She listens closely and soaks up knowledge and experience from her team and her clients, delivering consistently high-quality work for every client with whom she works. She has completed design work for the Dolphin Exhibit for the Georgia Aquarium, and both conceptual designs and construction documents for the Families First Resource Center as well as numerous farm house renovation projects that draw on her own experience growing up on a farm. Through this experience with high-end farmhouse and barn design, Michelle has developed a powerful capability to combine contemporary finishes with traditional architectural styles. An ability to consider both the big design picture and the details that make it up allows Michelle to create unique spaces that improve clients’ interaction with their physical environments.
Michelle maintains her passion with completing murals and paintings throughout the city, heading back to the farm to ride her Palomino, Dorado, and hitting the gym or trails for some exercise.

Project Manager

Job Title

Education: Georgia Institute of Technology
Joined Jones Pierce: 2014

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