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Angel Shockey

Job Title

Angel Shockey has established herself as a leader in Studio J, with a strong record of client-focused design during her tenure at Jones Pierce. From designing sprawling 8,000-square-foot mansions in Beverly Hills and Palm Springs to completing intricate $6M home renovations in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood and blending chic Lake Martin, AL, residences with their natural surroundings, Angel is committed to achieving complete client satisfaction. Angel is an artist and an idealist, always in pursuit of the perfect design solution that evokes a positive emotional response in people and strengthens their connection with their physical environment. She enjoys the challenge of solving the puzzle of residential design, organizing the many pieces to create harmony and rhythm in spatial relationships. Angel is inspired by the beauty of landscapes and the intangible qualities that light and warmth can bring to any space. She uses this inspiration to create truly unique design solutions for our clients at Jones Pierce.

Senior Designer

Job Title

Education: Woodbury University
Joined Jones Pierce: 2006

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