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Truck & Tap Duluth, GA

Truck & Tap, one of our most recent projects, is an unique restaurant concept offering wide selection of draft beers and street food served out of a “permanent” mobile kitchen with rotating food trucks in Duluth, GA.

Outdoor Dining

Truck & Tap Duluth Jones Pierce Studios

The guests’ experience begins when they approach the restaurant through a spacious outdoor patio area. The outdoor patio provides a designated truck spot, displaying the current food truck. The Dining Patio offers around 80 seating options, including communal tables and casual private seating with a backdrop of the city’s park. A custom steel canopy, finished with warm wood underneath, covers a portion of the patio. Additionally, a cooling mister system and heaters create ideal patio conditions year-round experience.

Truck & Tap Duluth food truck display Jones Pierce Studios

Food Truck Display

The Truck & Tap design includes an exterior street entrance off the Main Street, with a recessed entry with a solid mahogany door. The street façade with brick cladding corresponds with the existing adjacent urban block, featuring over-scaled cool grey double hung windows.

Truck & Tap Duluth park view Jones Pierce Studios

View from Park

The façade from the city park side features ribbed metal cladding sections and over-scaled garage doors. The garage doors provide an opportunity to open up onto patio. This establishes true indoor-outdoor hot-spot with unobstructed views of the adjacent greenery.

Indoor Dining

Truck & Tap Duluth interior bar Jones Pierce Studios
Truck & Tap Duluth Interior Dining Jones Pierce Studios

Interior Dining and Bar

Overall, Jones Pierce’s design concept was to create a vibrant feel community friendly bar with a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere. Centrally located bar with custom woodwork overbar shelves divides the restaurant and creates two dining areas. Over the bar, a dropped ceiling mimics the outdoor canopy shape and contrasts with the tall dark wood ceiling beams.

Interior Bar

The T&T beer hall has an energetic feel with high volume space and a lot of natural light from operable glass garage doors. Additionally, colorful graffiti elements repeat at the walls throughout the space, adding authenticity and grit to the restaurant.

Truck & Tap Duluth Porch Jones Pierce Studios

Truck & Tap is perfectly placed on the park in a walkable area of Downtown Duluth, meant to be a gathering space for friends and families bringing new quality for the city.

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