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Roswell Backyard: Initial Goals and the After

The big picture goal for this Roswell backyard project was to add a pool with a built in “Endless pool” to allow a very busy corporate client to train at home for an Iron Man, instead of having gym memberships all over the city.  We saw this as an opportunity to use the new pool and the landscape design to fit the house to the site instead of following a typical home builder approach of fitting a site to the house.

We achieved this by using the pool structure combined with boulder retaining walls to nestle the pool into the site creating multiple cozy spaces oriented the right way for sunsets and viewing from inside the house.  The client wanted a place for their young adult and high school aged children to gather on the weekends, while remaining intimate enough for the parents to spend that 15 minutes a day of peaceful time together with a glass of wine, even if one of them was in the pool training at the time.

We worked closely with CORE Landscape Group and Frameworks Construction on the project to integrate the existing home and the new porch with the new backyard pool and landscaping.

The following is a list of initial goals the owner gave to us, along with before and after images of the project.

1) Create a porch area large enough for circulation, dining and for a seating area.

We made a larger porch with a fireplace and a TV hidden behind cabinetry.  The porch is a heavy timber structure with a tongue and grove wood ceiling.  We used an open gable to allow views to the backyard woods from the informal dining area that aligns on axis with the porch inside of the home. 

Before and After Images

2) Develop a better connection to the rear yard outdoor space.

3) Improve the indoor/outdoor connection from the house to back yard living area.

We integrated the design of the new porch and pool with the landscape and created several different areas located right outside of interior public and private spaces. The different elevations of the spaces started level with the home and gradually got higher with the topography.

Site plan of the proposed design. We partnered with CORE Landscape Group on the project to integrate the design of the new porch with the backyard.

Before and after images of the outdoor spaces connecting to the backyard.

4) Design for privacy between the public areas and master suite.

5) Separate dogs from where you want to relax outside.

Before, the patio was next to the master suite which placed a main outdoor public space right next to the most important private area of the home. In the new design we used the porch to separate the master suite side of the backyard from the pool. The dog run was relocated to the side area of the backyard landscape space.

Before and after images of the patio outside of the master bedroom and the new separation of spaces.

6) Plan for more cozy spaces to take full advantage of your 15 minutes moments of peace as a couple.

Before the land was cut to fit the house plan. The owner related that there was no place for them to go outside so they did not venture out. The new design created several cozy areas outside where the owners could take full advantage of their short 15 minutes of relaxation time together, including the hot tub area which was oriented towards the sunset.

Before and after images of the backyard.

7) Create spaces that improve how you can share your house with others.

We helped the owners create a backyard that fit their lifestyles and lifetime home goals.

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