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Renovating for Modern Living – Indoor Outdoor Edition

5 Tactics used for Modern Living in a Ranch Home:

Indoor-Outdoor Edition

A client came to Jones Pierce after finding a good ranch house candidate to convert to the mid-century modern style. Their strategy was to sell the home their kids grew up in then downsize into a single level living .  This also fulfilled a long-term bucket list item to live in smaller, mid-century modern home. We identified 5 tactics to convert a ranch to mid-century modern living.

1. Indoor/Outdoor Functions

Mid-Century Modern Living. Indoor Outdoor Function. Jones Pierce Studios

Outdoor Shower

Considering bringing some indoor functions outdoors. Design outdoor room space as an extension of the floor plan. An example would be an outdoor shower adjacent to the master bath.

2. Enlarging Window Openings

Mid-Century Modern Living. Enlarging Window Openings. Jones Pierce Studios

Enlarged window openings increase the connection from indoor space to outdoor space.

Modern homes want more glass. Gang and enlarge openings when possible. Raising header heights allows the view to expand out and takes away the compression of lower ceilings. Using existing structure and making the windows taller is an economical tactic to change the look and feel of the ranch house.

3. Enlarging your access

Enlarging your access. Jones Pierce Studios

Living room that uses sliding door to enlarge access to the dining room

Incorporate a large folding door, glass garage door, lift and slide or center opening sliding door. This works to open spaces effectively. It can connect an important indoor space with an important outdoor space, for example.

4. The House Terrarium

Mid-Century Modern Living. The house terrarium. Jones Pierce Studios

The use of corner windows turns this office into a terrarium.

Consider adding full height boxed bay to provide corner windows on a flat wall. With the right landscape planning, the view out of a boxed bay window wall turns your back yard into a terrarium.

5. Ceiling Hierarchy

Jones Pierce Studios Modern Residential Architecture Dining Room

Variations in ceiling height, material, and angle help define different spaces.

Vary ceiling heights for mid-century modern living. Maybe provide a tray over the rooms you just opened up to coordinate with a furniture layout.

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