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Principle #5 – Viability

Contemplating Renovation: Does it Make Sense?

To renovate or not to renovate. . . to build new or not to build new. Viability is the first key question in the homeowner’s mind. Viability is also one of the most important of the 10 Principles developed by Jones Pierce Studios to assure your project’s finacial success.

Determining viability involves giving you the information you need to make sound decisions before starting a transformation process on your home.

  1. An appropriate design can turn your existing house into the perfect home or your raw property into the only place you want to be.

  2. Alternatively, it may be that your project is not viable – and shouldn’t be pursued. It may be cost prohibited or otherwise inappropriate given your needs, your neighborhood, or the economy.

  3. Financial viability – building a house to a specific budget that works with your retirement payout or works with your financing.

  4. Market analysis – knowing the after repair or the new construction value a home will appraise for.

So what makes a project viable?

We’ll help you with the answer by listening closely to you:

  1. What’s your stage in life—are you still having children, or getting ready to send them to college?

  2. What’s your lifestyle—are you hosting parties, or making space of in-laws?

  3. What’s the state of your current home—is it historical, or does it need a style change?

  4. What are your sustainability needs—would you like to harvest water or install geo-thermal heating?

We help you determine viability by creating the as-built drawings, site analysis, zoning review, design concept, plan design, exterior rendering, budget pricing, market analysis and a post renovation equity calculation. You will be certain if a potential project makes sense. If a project is viable the renovation process keeps going … if it’s not, you avoid the wasted time, effort and money potentially spent on a bad project.


Homeowners considering renovation struggle with questions surrounding viability.

Does it make sense to renovate? Will I get return on my investment? How do I know if the product is viable without significant investment up front?

Now, Jones Pierce Studios offers an easy way to get the answers. The Jones Pierce Viability Study is a comprehensive look at your particular project. It includes everything you need to know to determine project viability:

  1. As-built plan drawings

  2. Site analysis

  3. Zoning review

  4. Design concept images

  5. Plan design

  6. Exterior rendering

  7. Phasing analysis

  8. Budget

  9. Market analysis

  10. Post renovation equity calculation.

If, after conducting the study, the viability answer is “yes,” then you’ve already accomplished the important first steps of your renovation plan. If it’s “no,” then you’ve avoided spending the time, effort and money on a project that doesn’t make sense.

No other architectural firm in the Southeast can offer this simple and effective way to determine viability. Contact us today for more information on how Jones Pierce can cost-efficiently help you decide whether to move forward on your renovation.

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