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New Project: Boys & Girls Club of Atlanta

Jones Pierce Studios and our sister company Insight Design have teamed up together for a new project. We have been selected to do an addition and interior renovation to the Boys and Girls Club in Atlanta. The existing structure is located off Berne Street.

Boys & Girls Club Rendering

The existing 1960’s building has 2 exterior courtyards. In the new design, one courtyard will be enclosed with a glass curtain wall system, providing additional square footage for the club’s teen center. Over 2800 square feet of space will be added to the club. Additionally, over 4600 square feet of existing space will be renovated.

Program includes a Canteen and cafe seating, Teen Lounge, Learning center, Technology Center, Art studio, Sound Studio, and a teaching kitchen.

Boys & Girls Club Plan
Boys & Girls Club Plan

Plans of the existing building and a location diagram of the new Teen Center and Kitchen.

Boys & Girls Club Plan
Boys & Girls Club Plan

Space diagram and descriptions of the Teen Center program elements.

Boys & Girls Club Plan

The proposed teen teaching kitchen diagram.

We are very excited to see how this project turns out! To find out more about Boys & Girls Club memberships or how you can help, visit their website:

View images of the final project here:

Or check us out online at

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