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Monastic Heritage Center Final Photographs

Construction has completed at at Monastic Heritage Center! This was a great project with awesome clients. It’s tough to see it end, but it’s always nice to see the final photographs.

Take a minute to browse through our final images of the Monastic Heritage Center project at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia. Hope you enjoy!

All photographs are copyright 2011 by Lee Grider Photography.

Monastic Heritage Center

The challenge for this project was to transform an old barn compound into a public gathering space.

Monastic Heritage Center

All of the structures are organized around a large public green space. On one end of the green space is the Monastic Heritage Center.

Abbey Store

On the other end of the green space is the new Abbey Store and Cafe.

Abbey Store

The Abbey Store


The cloister is used as a historical icon representative of monasteries. It also guides quests between points of interest.

Prayer Walk to Abbey Church

This cloister guides guests to the Prayer Walk.


Another cloister leads from the Monastic Heritage Center to the Bonsai Garden.

Monastic Heritage center

The Bonsai Garden contains trees labored over and sculptured by the Monks. It also provides a respite for guests.

Monastic Heritage Center Interior

The existing barn contains an history of monasticism and this Monastery.

Monastic Heritage Center Interior

An impressive amount of structure shapes the roof of the barn.

Monastic Heritage Center Interior

The interior of the Monastic Heritage Center contains lots of natural light and exposed structure.

Abbey Store Interior

The Abbey Store and Cafe also contains exposed structure.

Read about the initial design concept for this project:

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