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Lake Martin Custom Home

We’ve just wrapped up design on this Lake Martin Custom Home. This lot is one of the best lake lots we have ever seen! Located on a peninsula in a quiet area on the lake, the land holds two original stone chimneys that belonged to the original site’s cabin.

Designing Around the Existing

The design of the home started around the larger of the to chimneys. In an attempt to preserve the historical aspect of the site and provide visitors with a unique  story and experience, we let the chimney be the start of the design. From the start of the entry drive into the site, visitors are on axis with the chimney and begin to experience it first thing. As guest arrive closer to the home and walk towards the front door, the chimney greets them. They continue to walk past a small intimate garden and patio space towards the door. The site will also feature several walking paths to various hang out on the site including the sunset peak patio, a bocce ball court game area, and a boat house.

Opening up the home to the 180 degree views was also a very important feature of the home. Corner windows open rooms up and provide stunning close range and long range views in all rooms of the house.

Here are a few renderings of the Lake Martin Custom Home:

Lake Martin Custom Home from driveway

Entry Drive to the Site.

Lake Martin Custom Home chimney

The existing chimney greets guests as they approach the home.


On the right of the home is a small entry garden and patio.

Lake Martin Custom Home back

Lake Side of the House

Lake Martin Custom Home view from water

View of the Home from the Water

Lake Martin Custom Home Site

The site includes a sunset peak patio, a bocce ball court game area, and a boat house, with walking paths to all of these amenities.

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