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Dunwoody Ranch Facelift

Dunwoody Ranch Facelift

A Dunwoody Ranch gets a front yard facelift when a new entry and courtyard takes cues from Japanese Zen gardens, while maintaining handicapped accessibility.  From the approach, the transformation begins at the new exposed aggregate driveway. The driveway gets interrupted by radiating bands of sandstone finished concrete, whose axis are centered on one embedded flagstone paver.  From there, the new frosted glass garage door and timber pergola add another layer of dimension and interest to what was once a dimly painted wood door.

Site plan
Entry Rendering

Site plan of the new front yard design and a rendering of the new opened entry.

A quick walk across a narrow on grade path simulates a bridge over a dry creek bed. It then brings you to a front yard outdoor sitting area carved into the grade.  Existing hardwoods and the owner’s mature Japanese maple set the backdrop for this mostly-secluded area.  Lastly the inside of the existing residence melds with its new view and all glass front door and flanking sidelights opening onto a blue stone porch.  Wide steps provide a gracious entry and the final link between inside and outside. Meanwhile, a disguised ramp preserve the owner’s wheelchair access to fully utilize the garden.

Rendering of the Dunwoody Ranch entrance
Rendering of the Dunwoody Ranch garage door

Additional renderings of the new garage and entry area.

Construction progress images:

Construction photo of Dunwoody Ranch

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