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Cooper Pierce

Job Title

Cooper Pierce is a passionate designer who thrives on creating spaces that inspire people. As a leader in design teams, Cooper ensures that the big picture is always in focus, allowing the team to stay on track and not get bogged down in the minutiae of a large project. His ability to partner with clients, and identify and solve programmatic needs makes him an excellent designer and team leader.
Cooper values building consensus and understands that while clients have leaders guiding the design process, many stakeholders are invested in the outcome and require consistent guidance and support. His leadership skills ensure that everyone involved in the project feels heard and valued.
With over 30 years of experience, Cooper has a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from renovations of bowling alleys, theaters, and barns to new commercial and residential projects. His eclectic experience allows him to present clients with a range of design solutions. Cooper is always up for a challenge and loves the design process.

Firm Leader

Job Title

Education: Auburn University
Founded Jones Pierce, Inc. in 1998

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