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Bryan Jones

Job Title

Some architects are a comfortable fit for designing your personal space. They have the right combination of curiosity about how you live and the creativity to imagine and design the architecture to match. Bryan Jones is one of those architects. As the principal of Studio Jones, Bryan spends time with of our clients, learning how they live and the vision for their home. He enjoys the process of discovering how they want to dwell, work and entertain in their personal space. His talent is the ability to observe, interpret and express each client’s vision in an architectural structure and style that responds to personal goals site's potential.
Beyond solving the client puzzle, Bryan pushes each project to reduce life cycle costs by minimizing energy use. Clients living comfortably in a quiet, clean air, and low toxin environment is as important as the look and overall quality of the building. Bryan believes in resilient design, combining the concepts from his continued studies in permaculture, Passive House design, and classical design.
Bryan creates sanctuary.

Firm Leader

Job Title

Education: Auburn University
Founded Jones Pierce, Inc. in 1998

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