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Dunwoody, Georgia


New Construction

Development Type

150 Units

Project Size

The Gramercy Townhomes



Design Team

A new 150-unit townhome community was designed with urban density in mind, centered around courtyards to foster a strong sense of community. The development prioritized pedestrian access, encouraging residents to explore nearby retail and restaurant offerings. The layout incorporated alley access to garages, promoting a pedestrian-friendly environment.
Adhering to the principles of New Urbanism site planning, the development emphasized connectivity and accessibility. It facilitated easy access to nearby amenities, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable living experience for residents.
The project was designed for two construction phases, allowing for a seamless and well-planned development process. Additionally, an amenity building served as a focal point, housing unit mailboxes and a pool house featuring an inviting infinity-edge pool. This amenity space offered residents a place to gather, relax, and socialize, further enhancing the sense of community within the townhome development.

The Gramercy Townhomes
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