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Virginia Highlands Whole Home Renovation

Virginia Highlands Home – Before

A couple recently came to us to help them expand their home but keep the historic integrity of the bungalow. They love their current one-story, two-bedroom home. It is located in a wonderful neighborhood, Virginia Highlands. However, they are expecting their first child and simply need more space.

Before image of front of house

Before Image of Front of House


Due to the lot size, we decided the best way to expand this home was to extend up. The design adds two additional bedrooms, a shared bathroom, an office/play room, and a new master suite. This will all fit inside the new roof structure, without changing the homes footprint.

Virginia Highlands Second floor expansion from exterior

Second Floor Expansion

Virginia Highlands Interior wall framing in second floor

Interior Wall Framing on New Second Floor

Virginia Highlands New Balcony off Second Floor

New Balcony Off Second Floor

Virginia Highlands Home – After

By keeping the overall massing to a 1-1/2 story appearance from the street, the home remains a bungalow and fits in with the other homes on the street. It looks as if it could have always been this size.

Virginia Highlands After

Complete Front Exterior

Virginia Highlands Complete Back Exterior

Complete Back Exterior

The owners love their Virginia Highlands home renovation!

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