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Archive Projects – Decatur Mixed-Use Development

A lot of building construction has occurred in the years since Jones Pierce has been around. Specifically, development, housing, and mixed-use have exploded with growth in the 2000’s. Hundreds, if not thousands, of projects were proposed, with only a select few making it to fruition.

We had the privilege of working on several of those projects, ranging from single family houses to large scale city developments. However, only a select number of people were able to see many of those projects.

Specifically, one of those projects was a large scale mixed-use development in the heart of Downtown Decatur, at the corner of West Trinity Place and North McDonough Street.  Jones Pierce and a few other local visionaries came up with a conceptual design for a 2 block mixed use project. This project includes retail & office space, a large local grocery store, hotel rooms, and apartments/condos. Additionally, this mixed-use structure would all be built around an interior parking deck with plaza above. Further, there would be a separate structure for a large book store chain.


Map of the proposed sites.Diagram of 1 level of the project showing the different proposed uses.Conceptual bird’s eye of the project.

Goals of the mixed-use project included:

  1. The property is owned by Dekalb County. Therefore, the first goal is to change ownership of the county property to private to increase tax revenue for the city

  2. Currently, West Trinity splits the city into 2 areas with the majority of the dense commercial district at the north. However, we proposed creating a new gateway at this prime intersection and a better link between the northern parts of the city and the city South of Trinity.

  3. The building is designed to increase the public activity in this part of the city. The proposal includes large steps on each side of the building that forms an amphitheater which would encourage public gathering, and also be useful for the annual Decatur Beer Festival.

Below are conceptual renderings of the proposed project.

step corner
hotel corner
grocery corner
condo corner
detail 1
detail 5
detail 7
detail 8

Who knows, maybe 2013 is the year for some of these projects to come back? Stay tuned for more of our archived projects that remain unbuilt.

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