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1141 Lanier Blvd Completion Photographs

We have just completed construction on 1141 Lanier Blvd, our first LEED certified home! This is the first home of Lanier Enclave, a 3 custom home development in Virginia Highlands. We refer to this home as “Creek House.” The unique pie shape of the “Creek House” comes from tight lot restrictions that include a 75′-0″ stream buffer to the side of the home. The classic Prairie style home fits well into the old Atlanta neighborhood, but also brings touches of modern living and design with its open floor plan and modern finishes as requested by the owner.

This speculative home is an example that good design and quality construction can still sell in this economy.

Check out the images below of Creek House, built by Abraham Properties. Construction of house #2 has now begun.

1141 Lanier Blvd

1141 Lanier Blvd, “Creek House”

1141 Lanier Blvd Jones Pierce Studios

The home is a unique pie shape in response to the shape of the lot.

Living Room by Jones Pierce Studios

The living room includes built-in storage and a large fireplace with built in storage for firewood.

1141 Lanier Blvd Kitchen by Jones Pierce Studios

Lots of natural light enters the large kitchen.


A two-story window brings light into what would have been a dark stairwell.

1141 Lanier Blvd Wine cellar

Hidden below the stairwell is a wine cellar, with plenty of storage.

Master bathroom

Check out the other two Lanier Enclave homes:

Or check us out online at

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