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Alpharetta, Georgia


Escape, Studio Pierce

Development Type

5,000 SF

Project Size

The Butterfly House



The Olansky residence was thoughtfully designed to cater to aging in place, with all service spaces conveniently located on a single circulation path. The property offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, and the house's orientation was carefully planned to capture these views while maximizing the utilization of natural sunlight. The passive solar design features a generously sized overhanging roof, with the lower section strategically positioned over the south and west-facing porches. This configuration allows the lower porch roofs to provide shade during the high summer sun while permitting the lower winter sun to penetrate the sheltered windows, naturally warming the house.

Away from the main house, across the serene pasture, stands a charming barn with a distinctive red tin roof and traditional barn doors. This barn provides the perfect space for the owners to house and care for their cherished chickens and goats, adding to the property's rustic charm.

The Butterfly House
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