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Atlanta, GA/The Battery


Food Service, Studio Pierce

Development Type

4,830 SF

Project Size




Jones Pierce architects executed an interior upfit and exterior modification project, drawing inspiration from Far East urbanism and streetscape design at an existing retail tenant space. The transformation's goal was to create a dynamic and culturally immersive environment.
We reimagined the interior to accommodate four individual food preparation kitchens, each tailored to the unique needs of the operators. Moreover, two distinct bar areas were designed to cater to individual operators, adding versatility to the space.
In addition to the functional upgrades, the project also included the provision of well-designed and convenient bathroom facilities to serve the occupants and visitors.
The incorporation of Far East urbanism elements in both the interior and exterior design infused the space with an authentic and captivating ambiance. The result is a welcoming and multi-faceted dining destination that reflects the diverse culinary offerings and cultural influences of the operators.

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