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Sandy Springs, GA


Renovation, Studio Jones

Development Type

5,700 SF

Project Size

Mid-Century to Modern



This total renovation of a 1970's home was for a couple that always wanted to live in a mid-century modern style home.

The existing house was a cross shape that created exterior spaces on a steeply sloping site. One of the spaces was used for a pool that we incorporated into the design and the remainder of the house did not connect to the exterior very well. Our goal was to connect the inside with the exterior both visually and functionally.

Visually - We extruded all gable ends using the same language using a cathedral ceiling with a wood that extended through the exterior wall to the roof edge. Three of the extrusions are living spaces for the wall sized glass bay in the living room, art studio and elevated porch at the dining room.

Functionally - We put some interior functions outside to let this downsize house live big. The owner “spool” (pool sized spa) is the focal point of the bedroom viewed through a glass wall of windows and doors. The master outdoor Zen Garden shower is viewed through full height glass walls. The shower privacy is controlled with wood walls on pivots to allow privacy or communion with nature.

Mid-Century to Modern
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