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Atlanta, Georgia/Historic Westside


Infill Housing, Studio Pierce, Non-profit, Renovation, Rebranding

Development Type

31 Units

Project Size

James P. Brawley Apartments



Revitalizing a vacant property in Atlanta's historic west side, this project aimed to provide affordable housing for households with an income of approximately 40% of the area median income. The site includes essential amenities such as a new laundry facility, a community room, and community-wide wireless internet access. Additionally, new porches have been incorporated to overlook the courtyard, enhancing the overall living experience.
By repurposing the vacant property, this project contributes to addressing the need for affordable housing in the community. The focus on sustainability and affordability ensures housing is accessible to individuals and families with lower incomes. The addition of communal spaces and modern amenities fosters a sense of community and promotes a higher quality of life for the residents.
Through this revitalization effort, the project created a positive impact on the historic west side of Atlanta by providing affordable housing options and improving the overall livability of the neighborhood.

James P. Brawley Apartments
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