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Carillion Beach, FL


Escape, Studio Pierce

Development Type

2,000 SF

Project Size

Carillion Beach Retreat



This project aimed to design a new beach retreat and investment property within the Carillon Beach community in Florida. The clients' vision was to create a quintessential beach house that exuded a sense of simplicity. The layout consists of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, accommodating up to 10 individuals comfortably. Additional sleeping arrangements were integrated into the living area to optimize space by incorporating two bay windows, each capable of accommodating a full-size futon flanking the fireplace.

The bedrooms are positioned at the front of the house, with the bathrooms acting as buffers to the living area. Additionally, another bedroom is lofted above, providing access to either bathroom. Privacy is prioritized in the open living, dining, and kitchen areas towards the rear of the house. A rear screened porch seamlessly extends the living and dining spaces, offering a tranquil outdoor setting.

The design features a wraparound porch with understated tapered wood columns connected by a wooden rail and crisscrossed stainless-steel cables. This porch is a shaded retreat along the southwest, providing an inviting outdoor sitting area. The roof incorporates corrugated metal panels and showcases a single dormer at the front of the house, maintaining the clean aesthetic of the overall design.

Carillion Beach Retreat
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