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Decatur, Georgia


Amenities, Studio Pierce, Mixed Use, Rebranding

Development Type

2,900 & 2,800 SF

Project Size

Viridian Clubhouse and Leasing Center



The existing 2,900 sf leasing center was renovated to optimize its poolside location as a leasing center and resident services area. The project included creating a new grand entrance, opening up the space for an open floor plan, and adding a sitting area with poolside views for prospective residents. The laundry area attached to the leasing office was repurposed, and the poolside building elevation was made more prominent. Similarly, the existing pool clubhouse was renovated to engage the surrounding pool as rental event space and enhance the overall amenity. Entrances were relocated, the kitchen and bathrooms were upgraded, and the fitness center was opened up to the surrounding amenities.

Viridian Clubhouse and Leasing Center
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