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Lake Martin, AL


Escape, Studio Jones, Custom Homes

Development Type

3,100 SF

Project Size

The Right House at Wrong Road



In 2017 the Clients approached Jones Pierce with a new set of Lake Goals
- Design a permanent lake homestead that works for the onslaught of weekend visitors and for the couple.

- Design the site to physiologically shorten the distance between the living level and the lake.

- Reuse the existing house and dock wherever possible.

- Plans for hobbies and post-retirement professions.

- Create golf cart access to the dock on both floors of the house.

- Plan for a lifetime home to be accessible by design without looking institutional.
The new lake elevation has more windows in the kitchen, dining and living rooms with direct views to the water. Three large bays open up the Under Porch with the same views as the main floor. Also added is a walk off area for easy access to those perfect Sunset Views by the Fire pit.

The Right House at Wrong Road
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