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Atlanta, GA


Renovation, Studio Jones

Development Type

5,180 SF

Project Size

The Nest



We first had the pleasure of working with this couple in 2007. They were beginning a new chapter in their lives and wanted to update their home to go with it. A design was worked out and drawings were developed enough to price, then 2008 hit.

Like everything else, the grand masterplan was halted, and the renovation scope was reduced to encompass only the kitchen.

But the story doesn't end there.

Fast forward to 2018 and they were ready to move forward, but this time with a bigger scope and new criteria. Kids had flown the nest, and where the focus was originally on an expansive family room addition, efforts were redirected to a whole house refresh turning their family home into the retreat that this lovely couple had so patiently waited for.

Excited to be called back on the job, Jones Pierce jumped at the opportunity to transform their home.

The Nest
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