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Virginia Highlands, Atlanta GA


Custom Homes, Studio Pierce

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Lanier Enclave



A distinguished residential development comprising three custom homes was envisioned in the esteemed Virginia Highlands neighborhood. This infill project aimed to seamlessly integrate these unique residences into the existing urban fabric while embracing the character and spirit of the surrounding community.

• 1137: The architectural style of the residence can be described as "southern modern," a perfect complement to the established neighborhoods of Atlanta, such as Virginia Highlands. The warm brick exterior harmoniously coexists with the traditional Tudor homes down the street, creating a cohesive streetscape. The home seamlessly integrates with the scale of neighboring 1-1/2 story houses through a stepped massing approach at the front. Its distinctive design features, including horizontal solid planes, well-defined overhangs, and decorative bands, pay homage to the early 20th-century Prairie style, distinguishing and establishing a visual presence. The open-plan interiors and generous ceiling heights cater to a modern lifestyle, promoting spaciousness and comfort, while the abundance of large windows welcomes an influx of natural light. Rather than classifying the residence as strictly "modern" or "traditional," it embodies a unique blend of both styles, thoughtfully crafted to suit the climate and heritage of southern historic Atlanta neighborhoods.

• 1139: Nestled between the adjacent Lanier homes, this residence exhibits a thoughtful positioning within the site context. The Master Bedroom, situated at the rear of the house, seamlessly incorporates the same intricate window detailing featured at the front facade, maintaining design continuity throughout. The front yard boasts a convenient carport, an inviting exterior fireplace, and a comfortable entertaining gathering area. The entrance to the home, concealed beneath an elegant brick arch, welcomes visitors with a touch of elegance. The centrally located and expansive kitchen serves as the heart of the residence, seamlessly connecting to the surrounding areas. Adjacent to the kitchen, the living room offers a cozy and comfortable ambiance, featuring a captivating stone fireplace and integrated built-in storage solutions.

• 1141: This remarkable home, embracing the timeless Prairie style, seamlessly integrates into the historic Atlanta neighborhood while tastefully incorporating elements of contemporary living and design, as specified by the owner. The open floor plan and modern finishes fill the residence with a sense of modernity, complementing its classic architectural character. Within the living room, thoughtfully integrated built-in storage units enhance functionality, while a grand fireplace serves as a focal point and provides dedicated space for firewood storage. Concealed beneath the staircase, a wine cellar ensures ample storage for connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Lanier Enclave
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