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Atlanta, Georgia


Studio Pierce, Infill Housing, Adaptive Reuse, Rebranding

Development Type

2,000 SF

Project Size

Wylie Chapel Lofts


Studio Jones

Wylie Chapel, constructed in Reynoldstown, Atlanta by formerly enslaved people, retains its historical significance while adapting to modern needs. The original heavy timber framing, featuring 6x8 posts and roof truss frames connected by 6x6 timbers, was exposed during a recent renovation. The chapel's unique architectural elements include a square bell tower, angled corner braces, diagonal exterior sheathing, and wood lap siding. Large square windows provide ventilation, and the granite rubble foundation raised the church off the ground. Although the original flooring was replaced, salvaged subfloor boards were repurposed as an interior wall veneer. The chapel showcases brick additions, restored window openings, and a preserved stone veneer on the front. Through careful restoration, Wylie Chapel has been transformed into distinctive loft units, maintaining the integrity of the original structure while incorporating contemporary elements.

Wylie Chapel Lofts
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