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Atlanta, Georgia/Inman Park


Mixed Use, Studio Pierce, Adaptive Reuse, Renovation

Development Type

57,000 SF

Project Size

The Corner


Studio Jones

Located within the historic district and beltline overlay of Inman Park, this transformative project aims to revitalize a central corner and enhance walkability in the area. The development encompasses four buildings with distinct purposes.
The first building is an adaptive reuse conversion of a warehouse into a restaurant and office space, featuring an addition that preserves its character while adding modern functionality. A house on the site will be relocated and repurposed as a leasing center, bringing new life to the historic structure.
The project also includes a three-story, 30-unit multifamily building and a separate three-story office building. These structures add residential and commercial spaces to the vibrant mix of uses in the area.
A comprehensive masterplan ties the elements together, incorporating courtyards, public spaces, landscaping, and a subterranean parking deck. The aim is to create a dynamic new destination within Inman Park, blending historical preservation with contemporary design. By prioritizing walkability and integrating various elements seamlessly, this project will contribute to the neighborhood's vitality and charm.

The Corner
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