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Atlanta, Georgia


Food Service, Studio Pierce

Development Type

2,300 SF

Project Size

MF Sushi


Studio Jones

Jones Pierce Architects undertook an interior renovation project to transform the space for MF Sushi, creating a hospitable and functional restaurant environment. The design aimed to enhance the dining experience and reflect the restaurant's unique identity.
Throughout the renovation process, Jones Pierce Architects prioritized optimizing the interior layout to accommodate seamless operations while ensuring a comfortable and welcoming ambiance for patrons. The thoughtful selection of materials, lighting, and finishes contributed to the restaurant's aesthetic appeal, aligning with the vision of MF Sushi.
By collaborating closely with the restaurant's team, Jones Pierce Architects successfully realized their vision, resulting in a revamped interior space that elevates the dining experience and enhances the overall appeal of MF Sushi.

MF Sushi
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