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Atlanta, GA


Custom Homes, Studio Pierce

Development Type

2800/3000 SF

Project Size

Craftsman Compound


Studio Jones

Two new single-family residences in a new development area. The proposed development encompassed the construction of six single-family houses arranged in a single-loaded configuration along a newly established road. Four of the houses occupy rectilinear lots, while the two northernmost houses are situated on triangular lots due to the irregular shape of the property and the design of the cul-de-sac road.

Across from the houses is a dedicated green space for the residents. The project required rezoning from the original R-5 (Single-family/duplex) zoning category to the PD-H (Planned Development-Housing) zoning category, granted several years ago. Subsequently, the rezoning conditions were revised (Z-15-034) to align with the current development proposal. These revised conditions included adherence to the approved site plan and implementing a buffer along the western property line. The site work followed the PD-H conditions and district regulations, encompassing the construction of the road, sidewalk, planting strip, curb cuts, and retaining walls not situated on individual properties.

Craftsman Compound
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